Pure Cashmere

Knitting accessories in 100% Cashmere. Becausa you can be a piece of art, or you can wear it.

Pure Cashmere 

  • Fine poncho with hood, characterized by a refined ribbed design, and made in really high quality pure Cashmere. At the hood we applied real fox fur, while on the bottom of the poncho, we sewn knotted fringes in real leather: both applied manually by our expert artisan.

  • A product with classic and chic design, this precious poncho has a wide and balanced style. Is a timeless product, soft and fluffy to the touh, and it will enanche your figure in any occasion.

  • Ideal to give a mark of elegance, sophistication and grace at your look, You can wear this shawl to enanche also your most fine dress. Around 2 meters long, is a important product wich put togheter Cashmere softness and real Made In Italy crafts.

  • Wear it tied or opened on your shoulders. Around 180 centimeters long, our Cashmere scarf is a good ally to protect you from cold weather and wind, and in the meantime to make your look unforgettable.

  • A wide and enveloping wrap, around 2 meters long, weaved with all pure cashmere softness. At both sides, real leather fringes applied manually by our artisan. A fine accessory wich make your look unique.