Keeping  your cashmere garments in optimal condition is very easy, given that you follow certain precautions that will allow the precious fibres to maintain softness and durability over time.


It must be done using a mild detergent for wool in warm water, so as to facilitate the rinsing. The soaking process in warm water with soap has to last a few minutes and right after the garment must be rinsedin cold running water until complete removal of the soap.


It is possible to wash your cashmere clothing in the washing machine, following a series of precautions. First, the garment must be placed in the washing machine inside out, or better, in a specific underwear washing bag. It is important to use a small amount of mild detergent for wool and to select a short program for wool or delicatesnever above 30 °C, making sure to avoid the centrifuge process.


After hand washing or machine wash your cashmere garment must be left to dry flat and without wringing it.


It is important to use the iron at very low temperatures, so to avoid deteriorationof fibers. Iron the garment inside out in a very delicate way.


Once theseason of use is over, cashmere garments should be washed and stored, completely dry, in a specific cashmere-storing bag. The garment should be kept in a cool, dry place. The storing bags containing the clothing may be kept in drawers or cabinets which have an adequate anti-moth protection.


It is advisable to let the cashmere garmentrest at least 24 hours after wearing it, so to avoid too much stress on the fibers, slowingdown the eventual appearance of the characteristic phenomenon of ‘pilling’, i.e.that particular phenomenon that may occur on the surface of the garment, which leads to the formation of tiny irregular balls of fibers called “pills”. These tiny balls could form due to rubbing or friction mechanisms, and are not to be considered a sign of lesser quality of cashmere. It is rather a natural consequence of use, which can be prevented by a proper maintenance and care of the garment.