Our Company, as others in the italian textile trade, was born in Umbria: everything started in the 1983 by the wise hands of Mrs. Adele, wich since the school days was creating completely hand made knitted garments.

She didn't leave this ancient passion neither after her marriage, in fact she found a laudable support in her husband, wich who she estabilished our company: during the years, our production passed by the handmade yarn garments to the fine fibers like Cashmere.

The rest is history...

Today us we try to mantin this tradition alive, making our craft product with the same simplicity and love for our land. 

Every product is made in artisan way, and also technological innovation didn't distort our philosophy. Because every little detail make a knitwear unique.

This is the origin of our brand I Cashmirini: our company already has a brand, an identity and several shop in Italy. We could use the same brand also on the net.

But a "Cashmirino" is something different, with a proper identity: a "Cashmirino" is a gift that you grant to yourself, a warm cuddle wich you will receive easily at home. A love gesture.

We think that this love gesture has the right to a proper identity.

From this belief our website "I Cashmirini" has born.